Rousey makes her final WWE  performance in 2019 at WWE  WrestleMania 35.

After Becky Lynch defeated WWE Women's  SmackDown Champion Charlotte Flair,

she surrendered her Raw Women's  Championship to her.

Stephanie McMahon and  Ronda Rousey are still in touch.

She hasn't spoken to WWE Executive  Triple H since  September of this year.

Before losing her Women's Raw title  to Lynch in 2019,  the superstar had numerous PPV and  TV appearances for WWE.

Rousey is a 2008 Olympic Judo  bronze medallist who left WWE to  start a family with

her husband Travis Browne, a former UFC fighter.

"What am I doing it for if I can't spend my time  and energy on my family and instead spend my time 

and energy on a bunch of f—king  ungrateful fans that don't even  appreciate me?" Rousey asked.