Vineet Singh Turns Politician from Gangster, Is On Mission to Win Elections

The trailer of Vineet Singh and Aakanksha Singh starrer Rangbaaz: Darr Ki Rajneeti is out. The third part of the popular Rangbaaz series has Vineet entering the world of gangsters. Vineet Kumar Singh would portray the character of Haroon Shah Ali Baig aka Saheb who is a gangster-turned-politician- Robin Hood style. This season charts his rise from a small town in Bihar to becoming one of its most powerful strongmen.

The trailer shows Saheb being released from jail after 11 years where he was imprisoned for over 32 criminal case with charges that included murder, kidnapping, and extortion. Loved by many, hated by some, and feared by all, Haroon Shah Ali Baig is now back to claim his territory with a single motive to contest and win the elections. And he has made it clear that he is willing to go to any length to get what he wants even if that means resorting to crude violence and murders. The actor brings both power and stature to this character with shades of grey and has audiences excited with this new grimacing avatar Check out the trailer here:

Talking about his character, Vineet said, “I had so many reasons to jump on-board and be a part of Rangbaaz – Darr ki Rajneeti. First, Ajay Rai is someone I have worked with him in Gangs of Wasseypur and Mukkabaz and he is my lucky charm. It’s always a good experience working with him. Secondly, I have always wanted to work with Navdeep Singh as I love his movies. Thirdly, Siddharth Mishra has written an excellent script with beautifully layered characters. My character has all the things that an actor would want in a script. And lastly, Rangbaaz as a franchise is immensely loved by the audience and it has a legacy and a fan following so it was an easy decision for me to take on this project and now with the trailer out, I have fingers crossed.”

Talking about this all new avatar, Vineet added, “The dark world of gangster politics is truly fascinating – This character is complex because on one hand he gains power and money through his exploits, but then finds support from the people who he helps with his success. You don’t know whether to hate him or love him and it’s a meaty character with many shades that I enjoyed biting into.”

Actress Aakanksha Singh said, “I was aware about Rangbaaz’s legacy when I took on this season but it is only now that I realise the responsibility that follows. Rangbaaz has a massive fan following and so, we are excited and nervous to please the fans with this season. Though personally, this is my favourite season because of not just the credible performances by all actors but also the crew that put forth their A game. From Navdeep sir (the showrunner) and Sachin (our director) to the team of writers and producers, it truly was a dream team to work with. We have had an incredible time shooting for this season and I hope that the magic translated on-screen as well.”

The series will be streaming from July 29th on Zee5.

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