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It’s fun when you interview a trio like Vijay Deverakonda – Ananya Panday – Ramya who will be seen in ‘Liger’ soon. We at ETimes had this opportunity this morning. Vijay, Ananya, Ramya were very comfortable talking about their upcoming film and a host of other things. Vijay was in chappals which are perhaps becoming his trademark footwear at least in Bollywood, Ananya looked ravishing in yellow and Ramya was enjoying being in the midst of the two youngsters.

We asked Vijay about political correctness, Sara Ali Khan‘s date proposal and of course, his chappals. We asked Ananya to rewind on ‘Liger’ right from the moment she got the offer. We even asked Ramya about ‘Dayavan’ and ‘Khalnayak’.
See the video below for the conversation that transpired:

Here are the excerpts:

Vijay, we don’t think we have seen so much of instant craze with any young actor of your age, coming from South to Bollywood
How are you devouring this? There is a possibility of getting carried away…

I feel the love. Sometimes I do wonder how and why this is happening to me. But at the end of the day, I feel really blessed and grateful. And, I need to do great cinema so that I repay the high number of people who like me so much.

You have said that “Liger will be a blockbuster and that it better be, else you will end up looking like a fool”…

Yes, I said that and I put myself on the line. But I know it’s a blockbuster. That’s why I am sitting so relaxed opposite you, my feet up, cross legged, and my chappals below me.

Your chappals made headlines the other day. You are wearing them here too. Is this your style?

Not really. I wear all sorts of things. 30 days, I have to be out. Life is easier with one set of chappals in such circumstances.

Are you conscious of the fashion police, now that you are in Bollywood? Do you take care not to repeat your clothes?

No, why should I? The fashion police will get used to it. They can complain 4 times, but not more.

Ananya, take us through your initial days when you were offered ‘Liger’ …

I can never forget when I was sitting with Puri sir for the narration. It went on for 2 hours; I was eating my pancake. The way he narrated me, I could see the whole movie. He had literally performed the film in front of my eyes.

Vijay, you must have undergone intense preparation for ‘Liger’…

Yes, ‘Liger’ has been the most physically daunting film for me. But I said I will go all out. So I set out to make the required physique. I resorted to YouTube videos, which claim we can attain the body of our desire in two months. But it wasn’t that easy.

Anyway, after I thought I had reached the physique that was needed for ‘Liger’, I told Puri (Puri Jagannadh, director) sir that we should start this immediately. After two days of shooting, I was going with the flow very well. Ramya ma’am had been just fantastic only a few minutes before my first shot and I still remember those jitters.

Ramya, isn’t it easy if and when the director enacts the scenes?

No, not always. Sometimes it’s not better.

Please elaborate…

No, I won’t (all laugh).

Vijay, what’s your take on this? Can you elaborate?

If the director is a good actor, it’s fine. Else…

Ramya, you put out a fierce tweet about your role in ‘Liger’. Are you a strong mother in real life as well?

Yes, when I want to be.

Do you know how to say ‘No’ to your son if you don’t want your son to not do something?

Yes, I can say ‘No’. Overall, I am a cool mom. Maybe because I work with hot girls like Ananya.

Do you think you should have stayed back in Bollywood?

I got my first break down South with a lot of difficulty and then I started getting a lot of offers there. I didn’t want to spoil it. South was a safer bet for me.

Do you see those dances of ‘Dayavan’ and ‘Khalnayak’ which you began in Bollywood with?

I don’t. My sister does.

Does your son see them?

No, he doesn’t like it that much.

Vijay, you have become an object of desire. Sara Ali Khan wants to date you…

Okay, but I am a better actor.

Go on…

I texted her (Sara). It is so sweet of her to have said that.

But do you want to date Sara?

I can’t even say the word ‘relationship’ well. How can I be in one?

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