Trolls criticizing Deepika Padukone’s voluminous fashion statement at Cannes should take a chill pill

Deepika Padukone’s latest look at Cannes Film Festival has got the internet talking, but in bad taste. The actress walked the red carpet with her fellow jurors in a grand tangerine gown. Her sculpted attire came with a volume of billowing train and Deepika was constantly snapped arranging the same as she posed for photographs. Netizens had a field day expressing displeasure and penning foul comments towards Deepika’s choice of fashion.

Take a look at some of these offensive comments and our response to them…

“Lo karwaali na berzzati? Wear clothes instead of draping some random sheets.”


The ‘draping of sheets’ that you are referring to, is someone’s labour of love. If not Deepika, then at least care to respect the designer who has put up an exquisite piece of work. Instead of looking for negativity, give some thought to Deepika’s bravado of adjusting the dress without any qualms.

“She went there as a jury this year…. is she even watching the films??? Because getting dressed up like that too much time consuming….. do know how will she gonna critique those films.”


Had the actress picked a poor choice of clothing, you would still be lamenting, isn’t it? Instead of disgracing the star on a public platform, why don’t you consider cheering for her, as she earned a spot at the prestigious festival to represent our country? Leave the critiquing for the actress and learn some respect from her fellow jurors who graciously helped the lady with her ensemble, rather than mocking her choice of fashion.

“Such a bad show, just like your acting skills”


This is no place to spew your distaste for Deepika’s acting skills. While we cannot force you to like her as a performer, at least don’t seek pleasure from stripping off her accolades. The fact that Deepika kept her head high despite the struggle and graciously continued on the red carpet, is the kind of positivity that you need in the long run.

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