Thousands of Ukrainians Protest in Poland Telling the World: ‘Russia Is a Terrorist State’

WARSAW, Poland – Thousands of Ukrainians recently held simultaneous protests against Russia in key cities across Poland. In Warsaw, they gathered in front of the Russian Embassy, rallying against Russia and shouting “Russia is a terrorist state.”

Ukrainian protester, Andrii Myronovych, said he would never miss gatherings like this to show his support for his country.

Myronovych told CBN News, “Because of the recent shelling and bombing on the mall in Vinitsa and the escalating aggression and war crimes of Russia, people gather here today to let the nations know that Russia is a terrorist state.”

One Ukrainian in the crowd was shouting “don’t forget our soldiers captured in Azovstal!”

On May 2, roughly 500 Ukrainian soldiers and commanders were taken prisoner from the Azovstal steel plant in Ukraine. Their families fear for those who are now detained in Russia.

In the midst of the tribulation that Ukraine is going through, Karen Springs, who worked for CBN Ukraine for 14 years, said she noticed a spiritual hunger among the Ukrainian people. She said, “Many were willing to receive prayer and to receive just like a word of encouragement spoken. And so I do see people are hungry and people are open to hearing about Jesus right now.”

Thousands of Ukrainians Protest in Poland Telling the World: 'Russia Is a Terrorist State'

She said CBN’s work on the frontline is very helpful in providing people’s material and spiritual needs.

“It’s been amazing to see the way that CBN, Orphan’s Promise, and Operation Blessing has been on the frontline and able to support, not only in Ukraine with distribution aide but in the surrounding countries as well,” Springs said. “The work remains endless and it’s good to know that CBN ministries are gonna be here on the ground meeting all of the needs as long as they need to be here.”

CBN Ministries are helping people all around the world every day, from relief supplies to clean water and medical aid. CLICK HERE to help others in need.

Nobody knows how and when this war will end, but it’s this kind of support that suffering Ukrainians need at this time.

Ukrainian doctor Ivanna Kosylo said, “It is very important for us for people around the world to pray for Ukraine. We can fight but without the support… We need God, we need people all around the world to help us. Together, we can do something with this evil in Ukraine.”

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Thousands of Ukrainians Protest in Poland Telling the World: 'Russia Is a Terrorist State'

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