This is All of the Reddit Jargon Everybody Ought to Know

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Reddit, you most likely already know, is basically a modernized model of the usual on-line discussion board. It gives communities for people with even probably the most area of interest pursuits, giving them house to attach with others who share their passions. It additionally has one thing of a language and tradition all its personal, so in case you’ve ever discovered your self wandering round a subreddit, confused by slang and abbreviations you may’t decipher, you most likely haven’t been ready to make use of the platform to its full capability.

Right here’s all of the Reddit jargon it is advisable know to turn into a real redditor.

Let’s begin with the Reddit fundamentals

A subreddit is a discussion board throughout the total Reddit website. Every subreddit is devoted to one thing and is represented on the finish of the URL with /r/thenameofthesubreddit. So, in case you love the previous CW present Gossip Woman (or its HBO reboot), you may be a part of over 55,000 fellow followers for dialogue at

A cakeday is the day somebody joined Reddit. This data is seen on every individual’s profile, and the cakeday is often celebrated.

Karma is Reddit’s level system. While you submit in a subreddit, different customers have the chance to “upvote” your remark, which supplies you karma and in addition makes your submit extra seen. Your overview web page will show how a lot karma you’ve got, nevertheless it doesn’t do a lot for you exterior of sure cases, like having the ability to submit quicker in some subreddits when you’ve got a excessive quantity of karma, and bragging rights.

Moderators (or mods) are people who find themselves in control of a subreddit. These mods can take away feedback and posts from subs, and so they typically set particular person guidelines for the boards. As an illustration, mods in a single subreddit could explicitly ban self-promoting posts or solicitation, whereas others create a rule that anybody partaking in these get permission first and solely achieve this sporadically.

Extra Reddit slang and abbreviations to know

Outdoors these fundamentals of how the location operates, there are extra phrases and abbreviations you’ll need to know. You’ll see quite a lot of acronyms round Reddit that you simply’ll be accustomed to in case you’ve spent any time on-line previously three many years or so: There’s NSFW, TL;DR, OP, and IMO, for example. Different acronyms are extra Reddit-specific. Listed here are a few of the massive ones:

AMA stands for “ask me something” and will be appended to a submit in a subreddit, however is often reserved for the AMA subreddit itself. In that discussion board, people with fascinating tales, distinctive job titles, or different noteworthy qualities will describe themselves, then give Redditors an opportunity to, nicely, ask them something. An “AMA” can be an entire occasion. When a well-known individual drops into the sub, for example, their time there’s known as an AMA.

Brigading is finished when a bunch of Redditors gangs as much as downvote one other person or customers. That is coordinated. Downvoting results in lack of karma.

Aptitude is a customizable badge or label added to a submit to assist contextualize it. A poster could possibly use aptitude to share their degree of experience or give related details about the form of submit they’re sharing, whether or not it’s a suggestion, a query, or a enjoyable discover.

Throwaway accounts (or “alt” accounts or sockpuppet accounts) are made for varied causes, however you’ll see they are typically used when a Redditor needs to specific an opinion or ask for recommendation with out their submit being linked again to their present profile. A person’s profile reveals which subs they work together with and all of their posts, so having a extra nameless, secondary account can be interesting every so often.

AITA stands for, “Am I the asshole?” Somebody, usually in the AITA sub, will describe a battle or scenario of their life, typically utilizing a throwaway account. Commenters weigh in on whether or not that individual was the asshole in that situation or not.

CMV means “change my view.” That is used to start out debates. Have interaction with warning.

DAE stands for “does anybody else” and is used to search out out if different folks expertise one thing much like regardless of the OP (unique poster) is describing, like, “DAE fear they’ll get in bother for being on Reddit at work?”

ELI5 means “clarify like I’m 5.” When used, this can be a request to have a fancy thought defined merely.

RTFA is an acronym for “learn the fucking article.” It’s self-explanatory, however humorous, and employed when a commenter responds to a posted hyperlink with a query or assertion that clearly reveals they didn’t RTFA.

TIL means “at this time I discovered.” Attempt it now: “TIL a number of Reddit jargon because of Lifehacker.”


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