Such People Can’t Be My Fans”

Tejasswi Prakash On Abusive Messages To Boyfriend Karan Kundrra: Such People Can't Be My Fans'

Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash photographed in Mumbai

Actors Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra, who are dating, have denounced morphed images and abusive messages allegedly sent by fans in a now-viral Twitter exchange. The couple met on Bigg Boss 15 which Tejasswi won. A fan or some fans of the Naagin star have allegedly been sending hateful messages and edited pictures to Karan – he did not reveal details in this tweet that he posted on Tuesday, addressed to Tejasswi: “Wow. Lowest of lows has been achieved by certain fandom. Editing pics, morphing, abuses, hahah. Khud ki beizzati (disrespecting themselves) LOL, you must be so proud of them T #AreYouSerious!”

Tejasswi Prakash did not share Karan Kundrra’s light-heartedness, responding angrily “Such people can’t be my fans.” In her answering tweet, Tejasswi wrote: “Proud of? Am confused. Such people can’t be my fans. People who have these thoughts about you or for that matter about anyone. I still am with my guy to make him understand but people need to understand when you use such harsh words against someone, people can break. Peace.”

“Aww baby, you take things very seriously,” Karan Kundrra tweeted back, “These frustrated low lives don’t affect me and the only thing that’s breaking here is their hypocrisy. Aag lage inki soap mentality mein, Kundrra hamesha masti mein (their mentality can go to blazes, I’m always chill).”

Soap mentality? Blame autocorrect. “Sasti, I meant sasti mentality,” Karan tweeted in an amendment, adding “darn autocorrect.”

See their entire exchange here:

While neither Tejasswi Prakash nor Karan Kundrra elaborated on the offensive messages and pictures that prompted their exchange, the actress’ fans urged her in the comments not to judge them all by the actions of a few.

Tejasswi Prakash is known for her work on TV shows like Swaragini: Jodein Rishton Ke Sur and Pehredaar Piya Ki. She was cast as the lead in the sixth season of hit show Naagin 6 after winning Bigg Boss 6. Karan Kundrra appeared on shows like Kitani Mohabbat Hai and is best-known for his work on several season of MTV Roadies. He was the second runner-up on Bigg Boss 15 and currently hosts talent show Dance Deewane Juniors.

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