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Shlok Sharma: A film’s acceptance is the fuel to keep fire in filmmaker burning

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Filmmaker Shlok Sharma is proud that he will be representing India at the Tribeca Film Festival, and it says a lot about Indian talent getting a place on global stage.

Sharma’s Two Sisters and a Husband is the only film which will be screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, to be held in New York in June. The messy, twisted and dingy tale of a family gone wrong is the official selection in the International Narrative Competition.

“The journey of festivals for our film has just begun. Every experience is yet to soak in. However, right from writing the 1st draft to now talking to you, every step has been enriching,” says Sharma, who made his debut as a filmmaker with Haraamkhor starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Shweta Tripathi.

In fact, he believes it is the acceptance that drives a filmmaker to take more risks and explore the cinematic world. “Like any art form, a film is also about finding its audience and getting some form of acceptance. That acceptance is most important and the fuel to keep that fire burning,” shares the director.

He adds, “As filmmaker, I feel that I can only express myself honestly if I delve into settings which I have grown up in, the elements of India are sub-conscious. The idea of the film was living with me for decades. While growing up, I knew one such family with an arrangement in very close proximity. Their situation, in some ways was even more twisted, and in others, way simpler than what has been represented in the film. However, their conflicts were those of most man-woman relationship. Acceptance of Indian stories and Indian talent has always been there. I think, Neecha Nagar, has been a testimony to that”.

Honoured about heading to the global fest with his third feature film, Sharma mentions, “It is incredibly a proud moment for me to be a part of a festival, a place which has celebrated filmmakers whose work I have literally grown up watching”.

“I think it is the best platform our film could have asked for,” signs off the filmmaker, who is excited to go and attend the fest in person.

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