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Shah Rukh Khan’s video on Hollywood debut goes viral, fans say ‘Mahesh Babu learn something’

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Mahesh Babu controversy

SRK’s old video on Hollywood goes viral after Mahesh Babu controversy


  • Mahesh Babu said at an event that Bollywood cannot ‘afford him’
  • Shah Rukh Khan’s old video on Hollywood debut has been going viral in light of Mahesh Babu’s comment
  • SRK says he has ‘no USP’ to work in Hollywood at an event in 2008

Sarkaru Vaari Paata star’s comments made at a promotional event of his production Major in Hyderabad recently led to a controversy on social media. The Telugu star was asked about his Bollywood debut in the light of South Indian actors making inroads into the Hindi film industry. At the event, he had said, “I may sound arrogant, I did get a lot of offers in Hindi. But I think they can’t afford me. I don’t want to waste my time. The stardom and love I have here in Telugu cinema, I never thought of going to another industry.”

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Mahesh Babu later clarified that he respects all languages but was happy in his space in Telugu cinema. In the light of Mahesh Babu’s statements, Shah Rukh Khan‘s old video in which he is asked about venturing into Hollywood has resurfaced. Netzines are asking Mahesh Babu to ‘learn’ from SRK on how to handle such questions from the media. 

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SRK on Hollywood debut

When asked about the possibility of making a movie in the West, SRK said at Berlinale 2008 press conference, “My English is not good. Maybe if I will the role of a mute person, I can do it. I am not showing modesty here but I think I have turned 42. My complexion is a bit brownish. As an actor, I don not have any USP. I do not have any speciality. Like I don’t know kung fu, I can’t dance the Latin salsa and I’m not too tall. What you are calling a dream factory, I feel like there is no space for me there. I feel I am not that talented. I’d like to continue working in Indian films and take Indian cinema to the world. That is the ambition that I have.”

Mahesh Babu trolled for comments

One of the social media users wrote, “This the difference between local babu n king (sic).” Another netizen said, “This is how Srk explains… Not like 

@urstrulyMahesh (sic).”

Can Bollywood really not afford Mahesh Babu?

It is a fact that Mahesh Babu is one of the highest-paid actors in the Telugu film industry. His films are all the rage down South and his fandom is unmatched. However, the Hindi film industry has produced stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and many others who would charge the same amount of money per film as Mahesh Babu. In the newer generation of actors, Prabhas, who is said to be a trendsetter is also working in a Hindi film from Om Raut, titled Adipurush. So it is highly unlikely is Bollywood cannot ‘afford’ Mahesh Babu.  

Mahesh Babu clarifies on Hindi film industry 

Mahesh clarified his comments on Bollywood saying, “I have always wanted to do Telugu films. And I have always wished for Telugu movies to do well across the country. I strongly feel, why should we go to another industry by leaving ours behind? I am very happy that our films are reaching there (in North India). Our movies are doing well at the pan-India level and my dream is coming true. I don’t need to do Hindi films. I can just do a Telugu film and it’ll get seen all over the world – that’s what’s happening right now. You’d want to be in a position to do (only) a Telugu film.”



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