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Rithvik Dhanjani: The industry has become more accepting now | Web Series

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“For me, the story is always the priority. If the story resonates with me, I take up the project- be it a short or a web show,” exclaims Rithvik Dhanjani, who was recently seen in a short, Arranged Marriage. He enjoyed the simple message conveyed by the the film’s writer and adds, “It is so refreshing. We are lost in the social media while in reality we can connect with each other over simple things.”

Albeit in his personal life, Dhanjani is an eligible bachelor. The actor, who likes to keep his personal life low-key, was dating actor Asha Negi for almost 10 years till they broke up in 2020. Though single, he says he is taking his time with his personal life. Ask the 33-year-old if he has thought about marriage at all, and he replies, “I am in love with myself. I am happy and I will never jump into something. I am from today’s generation, but my soul isn’t, I feel. I can’t swipe right (on a dating app). It is difficult. I am old school hardcore romantic.”

On the work front, the actor is making inroads on OTT. “The best part about the digital medium is that it has just started. There is so much to see and do. As for growth, I say when one has many opportunities, there will be as many chances to grow. The key is to constantly work hard on your craft and be better with each project.”

While popular actors who have established themselves on TV have faced a certain resistance while being considered for OTT projects, Dhanjani shares his experience. “Yes, I did feel some hurdles initially, when I was barely out of TV. But in recent times, the industry is more accepting and they know that we know our jobs. I get offered different kinds of parts. The casting directors I have heard from feel I can pull them off.”

With a number of projects being made, not only has the demand for actors increased with time but also for technicians and crew members. Addressing the discourse that often web shows have similar content and that the herd mentality is to recapture the hit formula, Dhanjani agrees. “It always the case with any industry. People want to try and re-capture what work and recreate it in their own way. Do we lack originality? Yes, we do. People who are running the OTT businesses are the ones who ran TV for years. We need minds who can take risk and try new concepts and make their own success stories,” he ends.

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