Ranveer Singh needs no controversy: Rozlyn Khan from viral PETA photoshoot

Remember Rozlyn Khan who went viral for a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) ‘bloodbath’ photoshoot from 2012? She’s back with Sameer Anjaan’s song Aa Bhi Jaa, starring Rajniesh Duggal. Released by Panorama Music, Rozlyn is over the moon after the song crossed a million views on YouTube. (Also read: Sumona Chakravarti reacts to FIR against Ranveer Singh: ‘I am woman, my modesty isn’t insulted’)

In a conversation with Hindustan Times, Rozlyn recalled the days when she made headlines for posing in a bathtub full of ‘blood’ for a PETA campaign. “Yes, I remember those days, it was just the beginning. That was the best thing I have done because it takes a lot of courage. People were creating controversy at the time but now it has changed. People understand the concepts and message behind it. It was too bold at that time,” Rozlyn said.

Rozlyn thinks although her PETA shoot was for a good cause, it was ahead of its time. “It wasn’t easy for the Indian audience to digest it.” Citing the example of Ranveer Singh who bared it all in the Paper Magazine, she continued, “Ranveer is comfortable and hence he has done it. He is an artist at the end of the day, we should respect the way he is trying to portray his talent. It isn’t new in Hollywood but in Bollywood. Being such a big actor he has done it and people are taking it otherwise. He is talented, and gets publicity; He is definitely not someone who needs controversy.”

However, she believes that there’s a difference between how the audience perceive experimental shoots from a male and a female actor. “The difference was there before and it’s going to be there. We have a different mindset for a female and male actors. It’s not going anywhere easily, if a female does anything bold people will take it as a controversial thing. Women in India still have limitations. It’s difficult to cross the boundary.”

From time to time, Rozlyn has appeared in bold shoots, a dance number and even rose to fame with her comic avatar Savita Bhabi. So, did she get stereotyped? She said, “People are open-minded now, all thanks to exposure on social media. When I took the song people expected it to have a lot of skin show, but it has a different concept. People have come to me and said, ‘Are you trying to change your image?’ People were surprised to see that I have screentime.”

“In the beginning, after I did the PETA and IPL (Indian Premier League) shoot, I used to get only item numbers or anything that included a lot of skin show. But I gave myself a break during the Covid. There was a period of time when I was sitting at home and doing nothing because I wanted to do something different. I think a lot of people have realised that this girl can do other things as well, apart from the bold shoot. This is the reason I got this music video. Rozlyn will be next seen in two projects– a short film and a music video. “Roselyn is back, not for bikini shoots or doing bold things. I was a newbie and I have learned from my mistakes in the past. I am going to explore my genre.”

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