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Insurance Company Offers Pro-Life Initiatives to Assist Employees With Adoption Costs and Childbirth Expenses


A Texas-based insurance company is responding to the reversal of Roe v. Wade by supporting its employees with adoption expenses and medical costs associated with giving birth.

Buffer Insurance announced last week that it was taking a different approach than some companies that have pledged to pay employees’ travel costs for abortions.

“Secular companies are paying the travel costs for employees to abort babies out-of-state. Today we are announcing that Buffer will pay the costs for our employees who birth babies,” the company announced on its social media sites.

“Buffer will provide paid time off for all employees to have maternity and paternity leave with their newborns. Buffer will pay for the medical costs associated with adopting a baby,” the company continued.

According to its website, Buffer strives to “make the most meaningful impact in the lives of others” from those it insures to the employees who help run the company.

“Faith, Vision, Purpose” are also important factors that the company considers.

The measure comes as numerous companies have condemned the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe, announcing they plan to support efforts to get out-of-state abortions. 

CBN’s Faithwire previously reported on the list of companies willing to foot the bill for staffers who want to travel to neighboring states in order to obtain abortions.

Those pro-abortion companies included: Amazon, Apple, Yelp, Levi’s, Lyft, Reddit, Meta, Microsoft, Xbox, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Door Dash, MasterCard, Citi, PayPal, Airbnb, Patagonia, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, Zillow, Bumble, and Match.

Several entertainment brands have said the same: Disney, Netflix, Comcast, Paramount, Warner Bros., Discovery, and Sony. 

Buffer is taking a more life-oriented approach, even offering to share its “pro-life policies” with other companies.

“Employers: If you’d like to learn how you can provide these benefits to your employees, let us know. We have ready-to-use policies you can add to your employee handbooks,” the website states.

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Insurance Company Offers Pro-Life Initiatives to Assist Employees With Adoption Costs and Childbirth Expenses

Hollywood Actor’s Bollywood Connections with Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff


Actor Sylvester Stallone changed the action genre of Hollywood to a whole new level. Rambo to Creed, the Hollywood star has played several unconventional roles in his career that spans five decades. But do you know that Sylvester Stallone has left quite an impact on the Bollywood industry as well? On July 6, the most famous action hero of all time will celebrate his 76th birthday. On the special occasion, we have detailed everything that you need to know about his Bollywood connections.

Appearance in Kambakkht Ishq

Sylvester Stallone made his Bollywood debut alongside Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor in the 2009 romantic comedy film Kambakkht Ishq. The star who is known for his handsome hunk persona made a dashing cameo entry in the Sabbir Khan directorial.

It so happens that the lead actress Kareena Kapoor is shown to be harassed by a group of goons when Stalone barges in to save the day. After a heated fight with the goons, he safely rescues Kareena Kapoor leaving her totally smitten. The scene ends with Stalone taking the name of the movie.


Sylvester Stallone promoting Salman Khan’s movie

Not only does Stallone know who Salman Khan is, but he also considers him an exceptional actor. Just before the release of Khan’s action film Race 3, the Hollywood star took to social media to promote the movie and heaped praise on the Indian superstar.

Maintaining his candid personality, Stalone also cracked a joke while writing the caption of his Instagram post.

(Image: Instagram/officialslystallone)
(Image: Instagram/officialslystallone)

He stated, “OK, EVERYBODY let’s try this AGAIN , good luck to the very talented SALMAN KHAN on his upcoming new film RACE 3 ! ( if this is wrong I give up ! ) LOL”.

Note for Tiger Shroff

Actor Tiger Shroff is gearing up to star in the Bollywood remake of Stalone’s iconic action movie Rambo. The official announcement of the same was made years ago by the Heropanti star. When the announcement caught the attention of Stalone he took to Instagram to wish Shroff in his own manner.

(Image: Instagram/officialslystallone)
(Image: Instagram/officialslystallone)

He stated, “read recently they are remaking Rambo in India !! .. Great character.. hope they don’t wreck it.”

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On Conservative Radio, Misleading Message Is Clear: ‘Democrats Cheat’


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November’s midterm elections are still months away, but to many conservative commentators, the fix is already in. Democrats have cheated before, they say, and they will cheat again.

Never mind that the claims are false.

In Lafayette, La., Carol Ross, host of “The Ross Report,” questioned how Democrats could win a presidential election again after a tumultuous few years in power. “They’re going to have to cheat again,” she said. “You know that. There will be rampant cheating.”

In Greenville, S.C., Charlie James, a host on 106.3 WORD, read from a blog post arguing that “the Democrats are going to lose a majority during the midterm elections unless they’re able to cheat in a massive wide-scale way.”

And on WJFN in Virginia, Stephen K. Bannon, the erstwhile adviser to former President Donald J. Trump who was indicted for refusing to comply with subpoenas issued by the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, summed it up this way: “If Democrats don’t cheat, they don’t win.”

Mr. Trump introduced the nation to a flurry of false claims about widespread voter fraud after his electoral loss in 2020. The extent of his efforts has been outlined extensively in the past couple of weeks during the hearings on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot — including a speech that day in which he falsely said Democrats changed voting laws “because they want to cheat.”

Republican politicians and cable outlets like Fox News have carried the torch for Mr. Trump’s conspiracy theories ever since. But the loudest and most consistent booster of these unfounded claims has been talk radio, where conservative hosts reduce the jumble of false voter fraud theories into a two-word mantra: “Democrats cheat.”

Mentions of “Democrats cheating” and similar ideas were raised more than 5,000 times on syndicated radio shows and local broadcasts this year, according to an analysis of data from Critical Mention, a media monitoring service. Similar ideas were mentioned a few hundred times on television shows and podcasts tracked by Critical Mention during the same period.

Radio remains perhaps the most influential conduit for right-wing thought, despite the rise of podcasts and social media. Tens of millions of people nationwide, especially older Americans and blue-collar workers, listen to it regularly. Misinformation experts warn that talk radio channels, many of which air political commentary 24 hours a day, receive far too little scrutiny compared with other mass media. Talk radio is also uniquely difficult to analyze and harder to moderate, because the on-air musings from hosts usually disappear over the airwaves in an instant.

“Liberals or even most moderates never listen to it, they don’t pay attention to it, they don’t see it, they don’t hear it,” said Lewis A. Friedland, a professor who studies radio at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “So you don’t know it exists, you don’t know how widespread and how powerful it really is.” In Wisconsin, he said, local radio stations play “extreme right-wing propaganda” five or six hours a day.

Asked about the false statements, Mr. James, the host of “The Charlie James Show,” and other conservative radio hosts and their networks defended them. Many pointed to examples of voter fraud in the past or raised conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. They said bleak polling results for the Democrats raised alarms about the integrity of the midterm elections.

“I think a host, guest or caller on talk radio might be forgiven wondering if ‘cheating’ might not be needed to win,” said Tom Tradup, the vice president of news and talk programming at the Christian and conservative Salem Radio Network.

Other hosts and radio networks declined to comment or did not respond to requests for comment.

Liberal commentators have also claimed Republicans cheated or will cheat again, but to a far lesser extent. After Stacey Abrams, the Democratic candidate for governor in Georgia, lost in 2018, Democrats raised doubts about the election’s integrity, citing voter suppression. A petition that received nearly 60,000 signatures after the election was titled: “Don’t Let Georgia Republicans Cheat and Steal the Governor’s Mansion From Stacey Abrams.”

As Ms. Abrams campaigns for the office again this year, conservative radio hosts have painted her efforts to improve voter access, particularly for historically disenfranchised groups, as a way to enable cheating.

“This is why Stacey Abrams is doing this in the state of Georgia — to extend the time, the amount of time that people can vote and drop off ballots,” said Jennifer Kerns, a guest on “The Joe Piscopo Show” and host on the All-American Radio network. “It gives them more time to — as you and I aren’t allowed to say — cheat.”

When shows like “The Joe Piscopo Show” are distributed by major syndicators like Sinclair Broadcast Group or Premiere Networks, a single falsehood or misleading claim can quickly reach audiences from coast to coast.

Mike Gallagher said on his radio show recently that “the only way the Democrats can expect to win again is if they cheat.” The show was syndicated through the Salem Radio Network, allowing it to reach hundreds of markets from Sacramento, Calif., to Salisbury, Md.

Many of the misleading claims focused on measures to improve voter access during the 2020 presidential election as Covid-19 swept the country. Conservative commentators said attempts to expand vote-by-mail options or ballot drop-off locations were tantamount to cheating or directly enabled cheating.

Some radio networks cracked down on election fraud claims after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Cumulus Media, which owns and operates 406 radio stations, released a memo at the time saying hosts could not “dog-whistle talk about ‘stolen elections’” on its network. Over a year later, several shows distributed through Westwood One, its syndication arm, have aired claims that Democrats cheated or will cheat in the midterms.

Michael Knowles, a radio and podcast host syndicated through Westwood One, gave a stark warning about the midterm elections. “They’re just going to try to cheat and steal the election,” he said. “That’s what they’re going to try to do. You’re seeing it right now.”

Lars Larson, another radio host syndicated to over 100 stations through Westwood One, warned that the increasing popularity of mail-in voting meant “Democrats nearly always win — or, at least, they cheat to a win.”

After Mr. Trump lost his re-election bid, many false attacks focused on Dominion Voting Systems, an election technology company falsely accused of tampering with election results. Mentions of the company plummeted after January 2021, as the company filed a lawsuit accusing several groups, including Fox News, of advancing lies that devastated its reputation and business. But radio hosts continued implying that Democrats would cheat by expanding mail-in voting or conducting so-called ballot harvesting, a law in many states allowing third parties to collect and return ballots.

“You don’t get as specific as a particular company so they can’t come back and sue you,” said Jerry Del Colliano, a professor at New York University and publisher of Inside Music Media. He added that the shift in strategy toward vaguer cheating claims “allows them to continue with this misinformation that their audience just loves” without risking serious consequences from companies or their syndicators.

That leaves many hosts walking the line between detailing specific claims of stolen elections and rankling advertisers or executives.

“I hesitate to talk about it,” the actor Joe Piscopo said on his radio show. “You can’t say ‘election,’ and then you can’t say the word ‘fraud’ right after that. But you can say it was bought, there were shenanigans. I have catchphrases, like ‘shenanigans’ or ‘we’re not sure what happened.’”

When a listener called into “The Lars Larson Show” to suggest that Republicans could cheat to keep up with Democratic cheating, Mr. Larson expressed mixed feelings.

“My gut says yes to that,” he replied. “My brain says no.”

In an interview, Mr. Larson pointed to numerous voter fraud claims from the 2020 election, including a debunked report that nearly 20,000 votes were received late in Arizona. He added that the lack of proof was expected because “with election fraud, especially vote-by-mail, you’ll never have proof.”

Unlike television or even podcasts, radio welcomes live listener input. That can give anyone a moment in the national spotlight for off-the-cuff remarks and build the appearance of consensus for election conspiracy theories. Some of the strongest claims of voter fraud came from callers, with hosts often agreeing with their claims.

“There’s no penalty for having these people on the air,” Mr. Friedland at the University of Wisconsin-Madison said of the callers. “In fact, there’s a benefit. Your business does better if you can skirt the extremes, because that gets more people calling in and listening.”

As the midterms draw near, commentators are also contending with the unintended consequences of their cheating claims.

Callers repeatedly expressed doubts about voting at all, falsely claiming that elections are so rigged by Democrats that their votes no longer matter. In response, radio hosts have implored Republicans to vote in even larger numbers — so much so that a supposed Democratic cheat would prove ineffective.

“I’ll tell you what’s happened — and I give the Democrats a lot of credit for this,” said Michael Berry, a radio host based in Houston, “is they have convinced a lot of people on our side that it’s not worth it to vote.”

Audio produced by Jack D’Isidoro.

Ajay Devgn’s Daughter Nysa Holidays In Spain With Her Friends. See Pics


Ajay Devgn's Daughter Nysa Holidays In Spain With Her Friends. See Pics

Nysa Devgan with her friends. (courtesy: orry1)

Nysa Devgan, daughter of actor couple Ajay Devgn and Kajol, is currently on vacation with her friends in Spain. Nysa’s friend Orhan Awatramani shared several pictures on his Instagram handle in which she can be seen posing with her friends. In one of the images from Casa Batllo, a building in Barcelona, Spain, Nysa looks pretty in a white top with dramatic sleeves paired with a beige coloured skirt. She has left her hair loose and is busy chatting with her friends. In another picture, she has wrapped her arms around her friend and is happily posing for the camera. 

Sharing the post, Nysa Devgan‘s friend Orhan captioned it as, “in Spain w/o the S”. Soon after, their friends flooded the comment section. Nysa Devgan also dropped a comment, she wrote, “no s cuz no saving”. Actress Banita Sandhu dropped a laughing emoticon, Singer Kanika Kapoor wrote, “BB suits u,” and Jaaved Jaffrey’s daughter, Alaviaa Jaaferi, wrote, “I don’t understand this balenciaga obsession”. 

Here have a look: 

Nysa Devgan’s friend also shared two pictures on his Instagram stories. Check out the posts below: 


Earlier, Nysa Devgan was in Amsterdam, where she met with actress Janhvi Kapoor. The Roohi actress shared a series of pictures on his Instagram handle. In one of the images, Janhvi, Nysa, and her friends can be seen enjoying a meal. Sharing the post, Janhvi captioned it as “#amstagram.” 

Here have a look: 

A few weeks ago, Nysa Devgan was in London with her family – parents Ajay Devgan and Kajol, brother Yug and cousin Daanish Gandhi. She was joined by her friends, including Arjun Rampal’s daughter Mahikaa and they partied together with their other friends in London. Here, have a look at the pictures shared by Nysa’s friend on Instagram: 

Meanwhile, Nysa Devgan is studying International Hospitality at the Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland.

High Cost of Russia Gains in Ukraine Could Limit New Advance


After more than four months of ferocious fighting, Russia claimed a key victory: full control over one of the two provinces in Ukraine’s eastern industrial heartland.

But Moscow’s rout of the last remaining bulwark of Ukrainian resistance in Luhansk province came at a steep price. The critical question now is whether Russia can muster enough strength for a new offensive to complete its seizure of the Donbas and make gains elsewhere in Ukraine.

“Yes, the Russians have seized the Luhansk region, but at what price?” asked Oleh Zhdanov, a military analyst in Ukraine, noting that some Russian units involved in the battle lost up to a half their soldiers.

Even President Vladimir Putin acknowledged Monday that Russian troops involved in action in Luhansk need to “take some rest and beef up their combat capability.”

That raises doubts about whether Moscow’s forces and their separatist allies are ready to quickly thrust deeper into Donetsk, the other province that makes up the Donbas. Observers estimated in recent weeks that Russia controlled about half of Donetsk, and battle lines have changed little since then.

What happens in the Donbas could determine the course of the war. If Russia succeeds there, it could free up its forces to grab even more land and dictate the terms of any peace agreement. If Ukraine, on the other hand, manages to pin the Russians down for a protracted period, it could build up the resources for a counteroffensive.

Exhausting the Russians has long been part of the plan for the Ukrainians, who began the conflict outgunned — but hoped Western weapons could eventually tip the scales in their favor.

They are already effectively using heavy howitzers and advanced rocket systems sent by the U.S. and other Western allies, and more is on the way. But Ukrainian forces have said they remain badly outmatched.

Ukraine’s Defense Minister Hanna Malyar said recently that Russian forces were firing 10 times more ammunition than the Ukrainian military.

After a failed attempt at a lightning advance on the capital of Kyiv in the opening weeks of the war, Russian forces withdrew from many parts of northern and central Ukraine and turned their attention to the Donbas, a region of mines and factories where Moscow-backed separatists have been fighting Ukrainian forces since 2014.

Since then, Russia has adopted a slow-and-steady approach that allowed it to seize several remaining Ukrainian strongholds in Luhansk over the course of recent weeks.

Zhdanov, the analyst, predicted that the Russians would likely rely on their edge in firepower to “apply the same scorched earth tactics and blast the entire cities away” in Donetsk. The same day that Russia claimed it had taken the last major city in Luhansk, new artillery attacks were reported in cities in Donetsk.

But Russia’s approach is not without drawbacks. Moscow has not given a casualty count since it said some 1,300 troops were killed in the first month of fighting, but Western officials have said that was just a fraction of real losses. Since then, Western observers have noted that the number of Russian troops involved in combat in Ukraine has dwindled, reflecting both heavy attrition and the Kremlin’s failure to fill up the ranks.

The limited manpower has forced the Russian commanders to avoid ambitious attempts to encircle large areas in the Donbas, opting for smaller maneuvers and relying on heavy artillery barrages to slowly force the Ukrainians to retreat.

The military has also relied heavily on separatists, who have conducted several rounds of mobilization, and Western officials and analysts have said Moscow has increasingly engaged private military contractors. It has also tried to encourage the Russian men who have done their tour of duty to sign up again, though it’s is unclear how successful that has been.

While Putin so far has refrained from declaring a broad mobilization that might foment social discontent, recently proposed legislation suggested that Moscow was looking for other ways to replenish the ranks. The bill would have allowed young conscripts, who are drafted into the army for a year and barred from fighting, to immediately switch their status and sign contracts to become full professional soldiers. The draft was shelved amid strong criticism.

Some Western officials and analysts have argued that attrition is so heavy that it could force Moscow to suspend its offensive at some point later in the summer, but the Pentagon has cautioned that even though Russia has been churning through troops and supplies at rapid rates it still has abundant resources.

U.S. director of national intelligence Avril Haines said Putin appeared to accept the slow pace of the advance in the Donbas and now hoped to win by crushing Ukraine’s most battle-hardened forces.

“We believe that Russia thinks that if they are able to crush really one of the most capable and well-equipped forces in the east of Ukraine … that will lead to a slump basically in the Ukrainian resistance and that that may give them greater opportunities,” Haines said.

If Russia wins in the Donbas, it could build on its seizure of the southern Kherson region and part of the neighboring Zaporizhzhia to try to eventually cut Ukraine off from its Black Sea coast all the way to the Romanian border. If that succeeded, it would deal a crushing blow to the Ukrainian economy and also create a corridor to Moldova’s separatist region of Transnistria that hosts a Russian military base.

But that is far from assured. Mykola Sunhurovsky of the Razumkov Center, a Kyiv-based think tank, predicted that growing supplies of heavy Western weapons, including HIMARS multiple rocket launchers, will help Ukraine turn the tide of the war.

“The supplies of weapons will allow Ukraine to start a counteroffensive in the south and fight for Kherson and other cities,” Sunhurovsky said.

But Ukraine has also faced massive personnel losses: up to 200 soldiers a day in recent weeks of ferocious fighting in the east, according to officials.

“Overall, local military balance in Donbas favors Russia, but long term trends still favor Ukraine,” wrote Michael Kofman, an expert on the Russian military and program director at the Virginia-based CNA think tank. “However, that estimate is conditional on sustained Western military assistance, and is not necessarily predictive of outcomes. This is likely to be a protracted war.”

Parents-to-be Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja to return to Mumbai today – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News


Actress Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja are all set to welcome their first baby this year. The mommy-to-be recently enjoyed her baby shower with close friends in London. ETimes has it that the parents-to-be are returning to Mumbai today ahead of their baby’s arrival.

In an exclusive interaction with ETimes, Sanjay Kapoor confirmed that the couple is heading back to Mumbai. He also said that he is extremely excited to meet them. He also spoke about their recent reunion at Sonam’s London house.

Sanjay said, “Sonam was looking beautiful as a mommy-to-be and I was so happy to see her that way.”

Sanjay shared a picture with the couple, his wife Maheep Kapoor and his son Jahaan from their get together. Along with the picture, he wrote, “Was so nice to see my beautiful pregnant niece
Parents-to-be Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja to return to Mumbai today - Exclusive | Hindi Movie News and Anand at their beautiful home , #family.”

Meanwhile, Sonam and Anand’s first baby is due in August this year. On the work front, she will be seen in ‘Blind’. She shot the film in Scotland during the pandemic.

Podcast: That classic VW Bug could be an electric vehicle


Classic cars are a staple of California culture, but they have a dirty secret — they’re gas guzzlers. And with gas prices so high, collectors are beginning to convert them to electric.

In this episode, L.A. business reporter Ronald D. White talks about the creative ways Californians are getting their hands on electric cars.
Read the full transcript here.

Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guest: L.A. Times Business reporter Ronald D White

More reading:

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With gas prices sky-high, some would-be EV buyers are getting creative

How Californians are getting around high gas prices (or at least trying)

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Bette Midler sparks backlash over ‘anti-trans’ tweet – as JK Rowling backs Macy Gray’s ‘bigoted’ comments | Ents & Arts News


Bette Midler has sparked a backlash after saying cisgender women are being deprived of their basic rights, while JK Rowling has appeared to back “transphobic” comments by singer Macy Gray.

Cisgender means a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.

The Hollywood star tweeted: “WOMEN OF THE WORLD! We are being stripped of our rights over our bodies, our lives and even of our name!

“They don’t call us “women” anymore; they call us “birthing people” or “menstruators”, and even “people with vaginas”! Don’t let them erase you! Every human on earth owes you!”

A prolific tweeter, with over two million followers, Midler‘s sentiment has led to a backlash on social media, with some fans telling her to “do better”.

One Twitter user wrote: “This is a bad take, Bette!!! Not all women have vaginas and not all people with vaginas are women!! Please include trans people in your feminism or it means absolutely nothing!”

Irish drag queen and activist Panti Bliss urged: “No. Don’t fall for the anti-trans panic fake nonsense. No one is erasing women. In a few small healthcare cases where appropriate they are using trans inclusive language. That’s all.”

While another fan said: “It’s because not only women menstruate, give birth, or have vaginas. Trans men do all of these things, as do non-binary folks. I love you so much, Bette, but you gotta do better here.”

In a nod to the recent repealing of abortion rights in America, one Twitter user wrote: “Trans people did not overturn Roe V Wade. Trans people tend to be one of the most pro-choice groups of people you’ll ever meet, as bodily autonomy in medical care is kind of crucial to trans existence. They are not your enemy.”

Read more: Roe v Wade – How did we get here?

Actress Bette Midler dressed up as... herself - when she played Winifred Sanderson in the 1993 Disney film Hocus Pocus
Bette Midler dressed up as… herself – when she played Winifred Sanderson in the 1993 Disney film Hocus Pocus

Another called out the actress, saying: “Bette you started your career in bathhouses and were at like the first Prides… you should know better than this tweet which demonises trans people for no reason.”

However, others chimed with Midler’s message, with one simply writing “Amen!” and another writing: “Now THIS is a July 4th message I can really rally around!”

Macy Gray wades into debate…

Meanwhile, musician Macy Gray stirred up similar controversy earlier in the week, after discussing trans rights with Piers Morgan on his Talk TV show Uncensored.

When questioned on the topic, Gray told Morgan: “I will say this and everyone’s gonna hate me, but as a woman, just because you go change your [body] parts, doesn’t make you a woman, sorry.”

Many fans have shared their disappointment over Gray’s views on social media, with one Twitter user writing: “Macy Gray has a right to her opinion. It’s ignorant, bigoted, Transphobic, dated, and thoroughly uneducated, but she has a right to have it.”

But others jumped to the singer’s defence amid the backlash, including Morgan, who tweeted: “Macy Gray, as she predicted, is already being abused, hounded, shamed & branded ‘transphobic’ by the usual vile, vicious mob who attack women that defend women’s rights.”

…And JK Rowling too

Harry Potter author JK Rowling, who is no stranger to the gender debate herself, tweeted in support of the singer’s comments, writing: “Today feels like a good day to ensure I’ve bought @MacyGraysLife’s entire back catalogue.”

The outcry is reminiscent of Rowling’s 2020 tweet in which she defined women as “people who menstruate”, sparking heated debate and accusations of anti-trans sentiment.

Midler, who is best known for her roles in films including Hocus Pocus and Beaches, has also previously raised eyebrows on social media over apparently trans-insensitive comments.

Read more: The PR attempt to separate JK Rowling from Harry Potter and why it’s important

She previously apologised over a now-deleted tweet in which she wrote about Caitlyn Jenner using her former name, asking whether she would go back in time and remarry Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner.

At the time, she admitted she had “misread the temper of the times”.

Midler is yet to respond to her latest Twitter outcry.

It’s Not Too Late to Start Your Summer Garden


Image for article titled It’s Not Too Late to Start Your Summer Garden

Photo: nazarovsergey (Shutterstock)

If you think you waited way too long to get your garden going this year or if, like me, you live in a place where it rained nearly every day through spring and until the end of June, there is still hope for you yet. There are things you can plant now, and ways to get industrious with your garden, even if you have missed out on those tomatoes and summer squash. Here’s how to create a late season garden you can still be proud of.

Herbs, vegetables and flowers that can be planted late

One of the quickest ways to get some green on a barren garden plot is to grow some herbs. They can grow you lots of flavor and fragrance, and the bees love their flowers. Dill, basil, rosemary, mint, and lavender can all be planted in mid-summer and likely still thrive. Rosemary and lavender might need a little longer to mature, though, so if you live in an area with freezing temperatures during autumn, you will need to begin with a start rather than a seed.

You can also consider planting late-season crops like spinach, brussels sprouts, and butternut squash. Pumpkins and acorn squash will also grow later in the season and yield fruit well into the fall. Remember to check your hardiness zone by entering your location here and compare it to the information on your seed packet to ensure the plants will survive in autumn in your climate zone.

For late season flowers to add some color and attract pollinators to your garden, there are plenty of varieties that will bloom if you plant them in July. Zinnias, hollyhocks, red poppies, lantana, and cosmos will all bloom if you plant them soon. If you’re not up for growing flowers from seeds, hanging baskets are a great low-effort option—fuscias, begonias, and petunias will all do well during the summer months in a hanging basket.

Water, trim, and compost

The secret to speeding up your late-season plants is watering. Making sure that your plants get plenty of water, either in the evening or early morning will help them grow healthy roots and get water into the plants’ circulatory system before too much moisture evaporates. Most gardeners who live in areas where slugs can be an issue will want to water in the early morning, but if you live in a very hot area, watering in the evening might be your best bet.

To get more out of your garden next year, and to extend the flowering season of rose bushes, “deadheading” or trimming off the flowers that have bloomed and are beginning to lose their petals will yield you more flowers. If you live in an area with a long warm season, you might get a second round of color from your rose bushes if you do this, but you will almost definitely get more flowers next year if you deadhead your roses this year.

Another great way to get ready for next year is to start a compost pile. You can get a turnable bin or use a box and turn it over once in a while with a rake and a shovel. Making your own compost now will mean that you have some rich, free fertilizer to start out with next season, and you’ll be cutting down on the amount you throw in the garbage.

Stranger Things Last Season: Details about episodes of S5 revealed, makers spill beans on finale


Stranger Things Last Season

Stranger Things stills

Stranger Things Last Season: Stranger Things S4 was remarkable for more than one reason. Not only did it raise the bar of the sci-fi horror series but also took the story forward giving it multiple branches and characters. There’s so much to look forward now. Will Eleven be able to save Hawkins? Will Vecna/Henry/One be successful in his devious plan of taking over the world? Will the Upside Down gang reach their ultimate goal? So many questions were raised with the new episodes of the show. Apart from the storyline, the other thing, that was much talked about was the length of the episodes. After all, Stranger Things S4 last episode was over two-and-a-half hours long. 

The Duffer brothers have explained why episodes of ‘Stranger Things’ season four went so long and revealed why they don’t expect season five to follow suit. According to The Hollywood Stories, during the latest ‘Happy Sad Confused’ podcast episode hosted by Josh Horowitz, the creative minds by the Netflix hit opened up for a spoiler-y conversation about the second part of the show’s latest season. Among the things they talked about were, character deaths, an improvised kiss between two of the show’s main characters and what’s on the table for season five. That included what fans can expect out of the length of the final season’s episodes. Most of those ran for nearly 80 minutes while the last three were no shorter than an hour and a half. The duo says “we don’t expect” season five’s episodes to be as long, except for season five’s last episode and the streaming series’ finale. 

Matt said, “We’re more likely to do what we did here, which is to just have a two-and-a-half-hour episode.” He then went on to explain why season four’s episodes were ultimately so long. “The only reason we don’t expect to be as long is because typically — or this season, if you look at it, it’s almost a two-hour ramp up before our kids really get drawn into a supernatural mystery. You get to know them, you get to see them in their lives, they’re struggling with adapting to high school and so forth. Steve’s trying to find a date, all of that,” said Matt. 

He continued, “None of that is obviously going to be occurring in the first two episodes. For the first time ever, we don’t wrap things up at the end of four.” Regarding the final season’s pacing and start point, Matt noted, that “it’s going to be moving fast” though they’re not sure if it’s “going to be moving 100 miles per hour.” 

Matt explained, “Characters are already going to be in action, they’re already going to have a goal and a drive, and I think that’s going to carve out at least a couple hours and make this season feel really different.” “I’m sure the wrap-up will be a lot longer,” Matt adds, before saying, while laughing, “It’s going to be Return of the King-ish with, like, eight endings,” as per The Hollywood Reporter.

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