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On Mother’s Day, Malaika Arora advises women to prioritise themselves; says, ‘Being a mom doesn’t mean you stop being you’ – watch video | Hindi Movie News

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Malaika Arora is a force to reckon with. From being a single mom, to chasing her dreams and living life on her own terms, there’s a leaf many take out from her life. On Mother’s Day, Malaika shared a powerful message for the women out there and advised them to prioritise themselves.

Sharing her personal life experience through a video on Instagram, Malaika wrote, “‘This will end your career!’ is what people said when I was expecting. Back then, after marriage, you’d barely see an actress on screen. But being raised by women who advocated being independent, I knew motherhood just meant I was to essay one more role—the role of mom! I worked through my pregnancy—shuttling shows, & rehearsals. And when Arhaan was born, I promised to give him the world. I also promised myself—I won’t lose my identity in the process of being a mom. Ever since, I’ve lived up to both the promises. 2 months after delivery, I performed at an award show. I was proud of myself because I also made it back home in time to tuck Arhaan in bed. Knowing that I could juggle motherhood & work empowered me. In fact, I said yes to Karan for Kaal Dhamaal a year after delivery!”

But while she was being an independent woman, Malaika also went through the ‘working mom’ guilt. Sharing how she dealt with it, Malla wrote, “But I had ‘working mom’ guilt. So, I maximized my time with Arhaan. Every morning, I’d sing malayalam songs to him, the ones my mom sang to me. Then, I’d strap him on & run errands before heading to work. And I always made it back home in time to read to him. I also had a solid support system in my family. And even Arbaaz & I had set rules—one parent was always present. No PTMs, or annual shows were missed. And I always picked him up or dropped him off at school. Soon, it became the highlight of my day. I spoke to Arhaan about everything!”

Malaika also shared how she took care of Arhaan during her separation from Arbaaz Khan. “Even when Arbaaz & I told him we were separating, he understood. And ever since, regardless of our differences, Arbaaz & I’ve been a unit when it comes to parenting. When Arhaan had to shave, I called Arbaaz who took me through the process; it was fun!
Today, Arhaan is my dearest friend. The morning singing routine has now transitioned into a Sunday cooking ritual. And now that he’s away studying, we keep DM-ing recipes to each other. I miss him; the empty nest syndrome is real, but it’s a good thing I kept my 2nd promise—to not lose my identity in the process of being a mom. I’ve my work, my friends & my life. So, live your dream—go after that job, leave if you’re in an unhappy marriage, & prioritize yourself. Being a mom doesn’t mean you stop being you. Motherhood is not the end. Treat it as a comma, but never as a full stop!”
#NoOneLikeMom” she concluded.

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