Mithraw Sharma, Bindu Madhavi Lock Horns During Nomination Task

Bigg Boss Non-Stop, the OTT version of BB Telugu, recently witnessed a face-off between Bindu Madhavi and Mithraw Sharma during the nomination task. The two nominated each other, and things were fine until Bindu started imitating Mithraw.

Not to be let down by these tactics, Mithraw strongly spoke against Bindu’s behaviour. When things started going out of hand, host Nagarjuna Akkineni stepped in.

Nagarjuna reprimanded both the contestants and told Mithraw that Bindu had not tried to harm her during the nomination task. Nagarjuna also slammed Mithraw for intervening and not letting others speak. He also advised Bindu to not misinterpret anyone’s words and play the game with ethics.

Mithraw, who felt slightly demotivated after the nomination task, was cheered up by Nagarjuna, who gave her a photograph of her father. Mithraw was overwhelmed as her parents had passed away when she was young.

It was followed by former Bigg Boss 5 contestants Siri Hanmanth and Gangadhar joining Nagarjuna and cheering her. Siri Hanmanth and Gangadhar also gave their top five contestants. Siri Hanmanth was one of the finalists of Bigg Boss season 5.

Mithraw was very emotional after watching Siri and Gangadhar cheering her up. She was particularly happy to see Gangadhar, who she considers her elder brother. Gangadhar also applauded Siri, saying that her performance was great throughout the show.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop is merely three weeks away from the finale. According to reports, Bindu is emerging as the strongest contender for this season. After Bindu, Akhil and Anchor Shiva have emerged among the most popular contestants.

Even after the faceoff between Bindu and Mithraw, many are supporting the former.

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