Lock Upp’s Nisha Rawal Slams Zeeshan Khan for Calling Azma Fallah ‘Bipolar’: ‘It’s Best You…’

Nisha Rawal has been confirmed as the first contestant on Lock Upp. (Image credits: Instagram)

In a recent episode of Kangana Ranaut-hosted Lock Upp, TV actress Nisha Rawal was seen advocating for mental health.

Once again, Nisha Rawal won the hearts of Lock Upp viewers as in the recent episode, she raised her voice for the importance of mental health. A fun group conversation of the Orange team suddenly turned ugly when the new wildcard entry Zeeshan Khan called co-contestant Azma Fallah bipolar. Zeeshan was super annoyed with Azma, and during the chat with his team – he called her untrustworthy and further continued, “Either she is bipolar.” But before he could complete the sentence, Nisha, who was also present in the conversation, stopped him mid-way.

She did not take the topic lightly and hit back at Zeeshan for making an unpleasant comment about a medical disorder. The actor told Zeeshan that she, herself, is clinically bipolar and he should know what it means. Nisha said, “It’s best you take it back, the message won’t go rightly”, following her words, Zeeshan immediately apologised for it. He said, “Forget it, I am sorry I take it back all right anyway.” And further continuing his remark for Azma, he said that she has two people trapped in her that come out at different times.

After Zeeshan apologised and continued the conversation, Nisha got up and walked out. When her teammate and co-contestant Payal Rohatgi tried to stop her, Nisha stated that she wants to process it alone. Even after this, Payal went behind Nisha to console her. During which Payal revealed that she was also diagnosed with bipolarity. “Nisha, do you know even I was diagnosed with bipolarity,” Payal said, expressing that she knows how Nisha must be feeling right now or is going through or what she wants to address. “But please understand we need to be a little light sometimes because the situation gets heavy otherwise. He is a kid (referring to Zeeshan),” Payal adds.

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