LG 360 L 3 Star Inverter Linear Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (GL-T402JPZ3, Shiny Steel, ConvertiblePLUS with Door Cooling+)

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LG 360 L 3 Star Refrigerator review

LG 360 L 3 Refrigeration that works well, thanks to an inverter compressor and dependable LG service. It does not require a stabilizer, although the service professional recommends one. It runs quietly.

It has a completely covered back, which is something I searched for when I bought it. The cooling is adequate, and there is no frost buildup in the freezer.

the setting controls are located inside the refrigerator rather than on the door. It’s fine with me because I rarely update them.

Because of the last bottle rack, the vegetable box is smaller, but the tray above it compensates by storing fruits.

This refrigerator’s freezer-to-fridge ratio is lower than that of the majority of available alternatives! That’s a good thing if you use the fridge significantly more than the freezer.

The cooling is pretty wonderful with multiple temperature controls, and the greatest part is the door cooling facility, which works very smoothly and well.

The product is good from well know brand LG

LG 360 L 3 Star Refrigerator (GL-T402JPZ3) pros and cons

LG Frost Free Refrigerator
  • Quietly operating, no sound at all, running smoothly.
  • it cools the stuff fastly, since it’s winter it’s in normal mode.
  • Because the body of the refrigerator is particularly vulnerable, you may need to take special care of it.
LG Door Cooling Plus
LG Door Cooling Plus

Door Cooling+

The new cooling system ensures even temperature throughout the refrigerator. Circulating air from the vents along with the back makes sure every corner of the refrigerator is cooled evenly.

LG refrigerator
LG refrigerator

Convertible Plus

LG’s Range of Convertible Plus Refrigerator ensures that you maximize your food storage and relish the fresh fruits and vegetables as if straight from the farm.

LG smart Diagnosis refrigerators
LG smart Diagnosis refrigerators
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • LG Smart Diagnosis is the fast and easy way to troubleshoot issues.
Moist and Fresh
Moist and Fresh
  • A special lattice-type fruit/vegetable box cover to control moisture so that fruits and vegetables stay fresh.
Auto Smart Connect
  • Auto Smart Connect
  • It helps connect your refrigerator to the home inverter every time the power goes off.
LED Lighting
  • Energy Efficient & Longer life span
  • LED Lighting is more energy efficient & has a longer life span than conventional bulb lighting.
LG Solar Smart Refrigerator
ice tray
  • Double Twist Ice Tray
  • Allows you to get easy access to ice when you need some extra.
Pull out tray
  • Pull Out Tray
  • Specially designed tray to store frequently used items.Auto Smart Connect
  • LED Lighting
  • Solar Smart
  • Double Twist Ice Tray
  • Pull Out Tray

you can adjust the height according to the slot available.

Precautions if you receive damaged product

There were some complaints concerning dents and scrapes. So I called customer service not once, but twice, and they told me that such events are extremely rare.

It was also suggested that a video be taken while the LG technician unpacks the fridge and the video is sent to the store if there are any damages, and they will replace it.

Frequently asked questions about LG 360L Refrigerator

Please specify the origin of the goods I’m interested in, whether it’s from China or another country.
It is entirely manufactured in India.
u003cbru003eMy new fridge compressor is making little noise. Is it normal?
It’s fine to make a little noise. My previous smaller LG fridge, on the other hand, was very calm.
How much power is consumed?
 Technical details say that the annual energy consumption is 215 Kilowatt-hours. LG India claims that the energy saving is up to 51%
u003cbru003eWhat is the function of the convertible box?
The convertible feature allows you to control the temperature within the box. Which can help you in storing vegetables or fruits.
Can we take the ice maker out of the freezer if we don’t need it?
Will the item be replaced if it is damaged during shipping?
Request the Seller. I believe that damage happens rarely.
u003cbru003e LG 360 L 3 require voltage stabiliser?
No, this refrigerator has a built-in stabilizer
Why are there no LED lights in the freezer section?
Generally, a short area freezer will not have lighting because it is full of condensation money and nothing is visible. As a result, it may serve no function.
u003cbru003e360 l capacity is net or gross capacity?
It has a gross volume of 360L and a net volume of 328L.
How many fixed shelf spaces does this model have?
There are a total of 7 slots available for 3 trays.
Is there a fruit tray in addition to the veggie tray in this model?
Above the vegetable tray, yes.
Can we turn off the fridge compartment and use the freezer portion as a fridge during our vacation?
u003cbru003eOnly freezer can be converted to the fridge.

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