‘Jhalli Anjali’ fame Aditya Aggarwal turns DJ, says ‘I left acting to pursue my passion’

'Jhalli Anjali' fame Aditya Agarwal turns DJ
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‘Jhalli Anjali’ fame Aditya Agarwal turns DJ

The entertainment industry welcomes many artists every day but not all are able to sustain the tough competition. Similarly, when Aditya Aggarwal dreamed of becoming an actor, he left his home in Delhi and shifted his base to Mumbai. “For the initial few years, all I could see was rejection. I gave so many auditions that now I have lost track but I think I learnt only from those defeats. Then finally in the year 2013, I got my first break after which I continued working in TV shows and print shoots till 2016,” reveals Aditya.

Talking about his most memorable show, he says, “It will always be Jhalli Anjali which I did with Zaan Khan and Chandni Bhagwanani. What amazing days were those! We all used to have so much fun on the sets and I sometimes miss that cast and crew terribly. This show will always be special to me.”

He further adds, “But sustaining in Mumbai is not an easy task. After my show Jhalli Anjali. I wasn’t getting good offers. So I started doing shoots for advertisements and that is how I could meet my ends in Mumbai.”

That is when in 2016 he thought of changing his profession to becoming a DJ. “I was always passionate about music and the music scene always fascinated me. That is when I was suggested that I should try my hands at DJing. I did a professional course in Delhi first because I wanted to learn it to do the right way. Now rest is history. I left acting to pursue my passion as a disc jockey. I have branched out to other mediums also but I am passionate about this. I keep taking up gigs to pursue my passion and profession,” he says.

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