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‘Fauda’ actor Tsahi Halevi hints at India-Israel’s first cinematic collaboration, sings ‘Yarana’ song

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'Fauda' actor Tsahi Halevi
Image Source : INDIA TV

‘Fauda’ actor Tsahi Halevi

The Embassy of Israel in India celebrated the 74th National Day of Israel on 5 May 2022 in Delhi. To mark this special milestone, a special cultural event was organised. Present at the celebration was ‘Fauda’ star Tsahi Halevi who is a popular actor and singer from Israel. Halevi took centre stage as he made a special performance by singing a Hindi song for the occasion. 

Tsahi Halevi sang the popular Kishore Kumar song ‘Tere jaisa Yaar Kahan’ to celebrate 30 years of Indo-Israeli diplomatic ties. This soulful voice added to the merriment and impressed everyone. In attendance were External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar and Naor Gilon, Israel’s Ambassador to India.

This is the first time Tsahi halevi has visited India. Talking about the same, he said, “I am deeply excited to be here in India. It has been a dream for me to come here. I hope that this great relationship between India and Israel will give birth to more collaborations in the film industry as well.”

Halevi also confirmed that he is working on the first cinematic collaboration of India and Israel. He said, “India has a lot of creativity and experience. I am looking forward to it. Indian culture intrigues me, I have read about Mahatma Gandhi and also perform yoga.”

On a related note, ‘Fauda’ is counter-terrorism thriller series that started in 2015 and grabbed many eyeballs. Halevi revealed that Season 4 of the same will be released in 2023. 

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