Deepika Padukone set for Cannes jury duty; proud hubby Ranveer Singh says ‘I am her designated cheerleader’ | Hindi Movie News

Bollywood star Deepika Padukone flew out to the Cannes Film Festival over the weekend to join the eight-member jury including actor-filmmaker Rebecca Hall and Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi.

Besides her fans, the actress has her husband, Ranveer Singh cheering her on as she fills in these big shoes. Talking about the actress joining the jury of this prestigious film festival, Ranveer showered praise on his wife and expressed his happiness over her successes.

Recalling his reaction to the big news, Singh said in an interview with Film Companion, “I was like wow. That was my reaction. This is just too amazing. And I am very proud of everything that she achieves every time it’s like I am her designated cheerleader. This is like baby is deciding which is the best from the best films in the world at the time, which is the better one. It’s so crazy.”

Singing praise of his wifey, Ranveer said that he admires Deepika for her achievements and how she is forging her own path by doing ‘unprecedented’ things in Indian cinema. “I hugely admire her and I think nobody deserves it more than her because she is just so sincere in everything that she does and she works so hard. She deserves every bit of it and I am extremely proud of her,” he said.

While rooting for his wife, the hunk also admitted that he wonders, “Mera number aayega kya?”

The actor shared that he wonders if anyone will invite him to be a part of a jury and pick the best performance. “But Cannes, it means, it’s huge,” he added.

As far as the film festival is concerned, India’s selection as the country of honour coincides with the 75th year of Independence, the 75th anniversary of France-India diplomatic relations and the 75th year of the Cannes Film Festival.

India will also showcase five movies at the ‘Goes to Cannes Section’.

These movies, which are part of Film Bazaar’s Work-In-Progress (WIP) lab, include ‘Baghjan’ (Assamese, Moran) by Jaicheng Zxai Dohutia, ‘Bailadila’ (Hindi, Chhattisgarhi) by Shailendra Sahu, ‘Ek Jagah Apni’ (Hindi) by Ektara Collective, ‘Follower’ (Marathi, Kannada, Hindi) by Harshad Nalawade; and ‘Shivamma’ (Kannada) by Jai Shankar.

Cannes Film Festival will come to a close on May 25.

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