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Ek hum aur ek hamaare tudums hai. šŸ„°

On this episode of Behensplaining, Kusha Kapila and Srishti Dixit evaluate BluffMaster of their every day cleaning soap andaaz, and talk about the Kaju-Kishmish paradox in a mix. Catch the newest and freshest episodes of Behensplaining, completely on Netflix Indiaā€™s Youtube channel and BluffMaster!, streaming on Netflix.

Author: Dr. Pyarelal
Director: Sofia Ashraf
DOP: Dezvyn Tinwalla
Artistic Producer: Pranav Bagde
Manufacturing Company: The Rabbit Gap
Put up Manufacturing: Postbox 28

Fast Information:
0:00 Itā€™s Not Bluffmaster, It is BluffMaster!
0:58 Behensplaining Quickies – Desi Cleaning soap Andaz
2:55 Kishmish-Kaju Paradox
3:51 Abhishek Bacchan Teaches Marine Biology?
4:12 Glass Half Full
4:48 Behencyclopedia For Rapsaras!
5:14 Srishti Is A Rapsara?
6:18 On The Scale Of Macchli Metaphors
6:32 What’s Your Favorite Rap Tune?

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