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Anuj Kapadia Trends On Twitter After Gaurav Khanna Touches Rupali Ganguly’s Feet During Haldi

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It is celebration time for fans of the TV show Anupamaa as their favourite character is finally getting hitched to the man who she deserves to be with. We are talking about Anupamaa’s friend, Anuj Kapadia played by Gaurav Khanna. Gaurav, and Rupali Ganguly had shared pictures from the haldi prep. And with the latest episode, fans are going gaga over Gaurav Khanna’s character, Anuj Kapadia.

Anuj Kapadia has been trending on Twitter. This is because of some sequences from the Haldi ceremony of Anupamaa and Anuj. Anuj applies Haldi on Anupamaa. When Anupamaa had applied haldi, she had touched Anuj’s feet. Anuj does the same and touches Anupamaa’s feet while applying haldi, despite her initial hesitation.

, Anuj winks at Anupamaa and gestures at her to do the same. She takes the challenge head on and winks at her fiancé.

In another, Anuj and his entire family thanks Anupamaa, giving her the much-deserved respect and making her tear up!

People, and tweeps have been lauding the sequences. One person wrote, “MAAN KI HALDI Indeed,they are the reason for a millions of smiles. My day begins with them & ends with them. No matter how much ever I’m upset, just watching them together brings my smile bk.I forget all worries. Isn’t this magic?”

Another person tweeted, “Tis scene… ❤️ The way Anuj’s character is written has created a huge impact in tis ITV world. There was never an Anuj b4 nor it will be in the future..❤️❤️ The dialogue writers of Anuj deserve a madirfrm day1 till now #AnujKapadia char has maintained consistency”

Another user tweeted, “The touch the purity of their love could be clearly felt… None of the ITV shows till date had stood up with such thoughtfull Haldi seq nor any actor better than Rupali mam n Gaurav sir would have portrayed it”

This indeed is a brilliantly portrayed scene, isn’t it? Have you been crushing over MaAn ki haldi too?

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