Adhyayan Suman: I have been through a phase where I wanted people to support and believe in me – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

After impressing one and all with his power-packed performance in Prakash Jha’s ‘Aashram’, Adhyayan Suman is all set to kick-start the shooting of his upcoming film, ‘Hanky Panky’. In conversation with ETimes, the actor opened up about how he can relate to the character he is playing in the film, his plans to bond with co-star Kanchi Singh, shooting in Canada and more. Excerpts…

Tell us something about ‘Hanky Panky’. What attracted you to the character you are playing?
It is a very cute film. I definitely relate with it. I have so many friends who have left the country and settled abroad thinking that they would have a better future there. However, they soon realised that life was much better back home. The film talks about a couple who are not in love with each other but get hitched in a marriage arranged by their family. They too go abroad for better prospects. They have their ups and downs and eventually fall in love with each other.

My character is a mama’s boy who does everything that his mother says and doesn’t listen to his own heart. He eventually realises that he has no individuality left. He has been living his life for his mother and not for himself. When he realises, he changes his life accordingly. It is a very interesting and relatable character that way.

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Shivamm Sharma has made films in Punjabi. This will mark his Bollywood debut. What are your expectations of him as an actor?
Yes, it is Shivamm Sharma’s first Hindi film. I am excited about the film because when I spoke with him, I found him very humble, rooted and someone who knows about life. The subject that he chose is also something that has been happening of late. I think it is going to be a good film. At the end of the day, your core emotions need to be in the right place. You need to be clear about what you want to say through your film. I think he is pretty much sorted in these parts.

I have been through a phase where I wanted people to support and believe in me. A lot of people didn’t support me. There are a lot of scripts that now come to me from producers and directors who want to make good films but are not getting an opportunity. So I don’t see why I shouldn’t support them.

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Have you interacted with your co-star Kanchi Singh yet? How do you plan to bond with her on the set?
I met Kanchi at a press conference recently. She is a funny and very sweet girl. I have seen some of her work and she is a good actor. I think together we will create something fun and real. I am looking forward to that journey. When you work together, you want to bond with your co-star and you automatically become friends with them. It is very important for your onscreen chemistry as well. I think we will have a good time on the set for sure.

The film will extensively be shot in Canada. How comfortable are you with shooting abroad, given the pandemic situation we have been through in the past two years?
After the pandemic, I was busy with ‘Aashram 3’ and other things. Canada is a beautiful country and I am looking forward to going there and shooting. I will probably take a break too. The cases in Canada are in control so I am hoping to have some fun.

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